Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman

Want to know how to attract a Scorpio woman? Scorpio women seek partners who respect and appreciate their strength. Even the most traditional Scorpio woman expects to wield power in some area of a relationship.

If you exhibit disrespect for her, she will cross you off her list permanently.

On the other hand, do not let yourself be intimidated by her dynamism. She becomes bored by people who behave obsequiously toward her. Since Scorpios consider themselves eminently fascinating, they do not want a hint of anything boring and banal in their lives, especially their love lives.

Yes, it is a fine line you have to walk... but this is no ordinary woman that you are attracting!

Let her know you find her fascinating

Show a Scorpio woman that you find her fascinating to attract her.

When you talk with her, behave as if everyone else in the room fades into the background in her presence.

Compliment her and show interest in her ideas, opinions and experiences. Ask questions which demonstrate that you are hanging on every word she speaks.

At the same time, demonstrate that you stand above the crowd and thus deserve her notice... you do not want to do this in a groveling way! In order to attract a Scorpio woman you need to be strong in your own right.

Also, be careful to do this in a sincere way. Scorpio women have a special way of seeing straight through bs, ...and nothing will drive her away quicker than some "slick Willy" trying to play her.

Be honest and sincere when you play the fascination card with her.

Offer intrigue and mystery

If you can, choose a gift which flatters both her and you while also creating a slight aura of mystery.

One successful suitor to a Scorpio woman, having told her the evening they met that he was the second youngest person ever to make partner at his law firm, sent a huge bouquet of roses to her office the following day, with a card signed only "2."

The Scorpio loved the extravagance of the gesture, the fact that it created mild envy among her co-workers, the reminder that her admirer held an important position, as well as the touch of intrigue provided by the card without a name.

Know what a Scorpio woman wants

Scorpio women have a natural instinct to believe they are extraordinary. However, they fear this may not be true. Let your Scorpio know you view her as special.

You can help allay her insecurities, as well as feed her competitive ego by using the word "most" in any compliment you give her. Tell her that she has "the most amazing insights" on a topic you are discussing or "the most beautiful body" you have every seen.

Remember, Scorpios have an inclination toward suspicion, so make sure you don't pour on the praise with too heavy a hand.

Provide trust and security

Most Scorpios have had experiences which leave them feeling as if they have enemies. They need to feel safe in order to drop their defenses and trust someone.

Avoid telling your Scorpio any half-truths which could lead her to feel insecure around you. Make sure that help create and provide a sense of security and protection when you are with her.