Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Scorpio in Love

What is Scorpio in love like? The type of love Scorpio desires and reciprocates depends on their emotional maturity and spiritual evolution. The level of evolution is represented by the three symbols of the sign: the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.

We discuss the three symbols and their meaning in more detail on our Scorpio Characteristics page.

Some Scorpios in love lack self-confidence and can be very self-destructive if the tail of the venomous arthropod kept stinging the head. These people need a partner who will save them from themselves. Those who are still at the scorpion level but have gained greater mastery over their strength may seek a partner in malice, someone who will applaud the verbal stings they deliver to their enemies.

Eagle-like Scorpios look for a partner who can assist them in their ambitions, a mate capable of soaring above the world alongside them.

Phoenix Scorpios want a partner who has also passed through and been transformed by the flames of pressure, perhaps a fellow recovering addict and/or another spiritual seeker.


A Scorpio, especially a Scorpio in love, has a strong competitive drive which tends to make them very jealous mates. They need to feel that they hold a place of such importance in your eyes that no one else compares.

Some Scorpios may react with rage if a partner seems to favor another person above them.

Although Scorpios pride themselves on their intuition and psychic awareness, sometimes their emphasis on the Plutonic side of life causes them to become suspicious and jealous without cause.


A Scorpio in love is very physically passionate. It usually takes a while for them to reveal themselves completely to a new partner.

They may try to keep you at a distance at first by skirting around the periphery of desire, choosing activities which allow them to participate without revealing too much of themselves.

If Scorpio decides to trust you, they will see your physical relationship as a form of spiritual communion, a means of jointly achieving an altered consciousness and communing with the divine.


Scorpio longs to find someone with whom they can experience a sense of complete relaxation and safety. People born under this sign seek a family life which provides them with a retreat, a place of rest which balances their instinct to view life as a constant, brutal power struggle.

Since Scorpios have such a strong awareness of the death and the darker side of human nature, they feel fiercely protective of their partners and any children they may have.


The intensity and passion of a Scorpio in love can also erode the feeling of peace. In order to have a happy home life, Scorpio also has to let go of their own tendencies toward suspicion, secrecy and manipulation.

Men and women born during the period when the Sun passes through the sign of Scorpio have to re-train themselves, learning to release any need to validate their ego through emotional game-playing or stinging words.

A Scorpio who starts to make peace a higher priority than power begins to feel released both from inner tension and outer dramas.