Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

The Scorpio Man

When you first meet a Scorpio man, he'll appear calm, steady and cool, and you'll begin to wonder if the stories about their passion and intensity are true ...that's because you just met him.

This is a Scorpio man's mask; the outer shell that contains the fiery and seething volcanic force inside.

If you're a sensitive person it might be a good idea to get to know the Scorpio a little before you get involved, because their passions and emotional excessiveness have been known to bring the curious to tears.

Behind those eyes

You may wonder what's behind the hypnotic eyes of the Scorpio, but it's probably safest to be content with the impression they give you; some may appear to be kind and sweet, others may be bad-boy types, but you can be assured that however a Scorpio presents themselves to you, it's a safety shield that protects you and them from the burning emotions inside.

A Scorpio man is as brilliant as he is passionate; his interests are never superficial or flighty.

He can be a warrior or a philosopher, or maybe both, but you need to remember that whatever you see on the surface is like the tip of an iceberg; only a tenth of it is above the surface.

A little respect

Few people who have been in relationships with Scorpios will ever forget what it is to feel the anger of a Scorpio lash out at them.

It does not happen often, but when a Scorpio gets angry, you can be sure that the anger is going to leave a mark.

The Scorpio man feels that he has to win, and cannot stand being the target of ridicule, insults or anything else that puts his dignity or sincerity in question. He'll almost never make a decision based on the opinions of others.

He's a totally self-contained, free-spirited individual who thrives on courage and integrity, and deserves, and sometimes commands respect for being so.

While others lose their heads

Scorpio men are often best in a crisis; they have a natural talent for remaining calm and taking action when everyone around them is falling apart.

The intensity of their feelings and their efforts to contain them trains them well to handle this kind of situation, and because of this, it's not uncommon to see these Mars-ruled warriors as emergency medical technicians, surgeons, detectives or other professionals who are responsible for dealing with danger.

Yet Scorpio men can also be quite impressive actors, performers or involved in any profession that requires the expression of human passion; there have been many religious leaders born under this sign as well.

If you are looking for someone to fawn over you and hang on your every word, you may be looking in the wrong place; don't try to play emotional games with a Scorpio man; it's pretty hard to move him to laughter or tears.

Don't make him jealous

Above all, don't do anything to make him jealous. This is one of those triggers that causes his temper to flare up. Giving a Scorpio you're in a relationship with a reason to be suspicious of you crosses over that thin line between bravery and foolishness.

At the same time, you need to be careful about expressing your jealousy of him; emotional appeals won't do any good, and his loyalty won't allow him to go too far anyway.