Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Scorpio Personality

The Scorpio personality is one of intensity, power, and mystery. These are investigative, intuitive people who possess a natural gift for getting to the bottom of life's mysteries. They have the ability to look through people and understand what lies at the core of even the most complicated of personalities.

Ruled by transformative Pluto, Scorpio is responsible for many of the world's most resilient, courageous individuals as well.

A Scorpio is about as fearless of personality as you will ever meet. Under this sign's influences, we see the rise of great leaders, wise philosophers, and piercing personalities that possess a level of charisma that is almost blinding at times.

However, the Scorpio personality is also a great example of a still body of water that runs deep. Many Scorpio natives are prone to jealousy, drama, and rigidness when it comes to relationships and other situations that tend to come complete with clearly defined boundaries.

The Eighth House of Transformation and Change

As the second house of the cosmos represents tangible possessions and the things in life that are easy to understand and interpret, the eighth house located directly opposite governs life's mysteries and those things related to our existence that are harder to get in touch with. Personal change and growth is accounted for here, as is transformation in general.

All of these concepts are important parts of the Scorpio personality and the themes of change, death, and rebirth can be found running through each and every Scorpio life in one way or another.

The eighth house also governs certain aspects of connection with others. Intimate issues can be indicated by this house, because it usually involves other people. Shared income or borrowed money can also sometimes come into play here.

We see these themes present in Scorpio's trademark charisma and physical chemistry, as well as in its proficiency in regards to financial success and entrepreneurship.

Water: A Study in Intuition and Passion

Scorpio is one of three zodiac signs ruled by the emotional, passionate element of water. Water signs like Scorpio feel their way through life far more thoroughly than they think their way through. However, it is important to note that this in no way means water signs are unintelligent.

They simply have a deeper, more mysterious way of approaching obstacles and solving problems. The downside to this is a tendency to brood, become depressed, or lose touch with reality if care isn't taken to remain grounded and sensible to appropriate degrees.

We see the influence of water in Scorpio's great ability to get to the bottom of things and see straight into the hearts of people right to their true motivations and feelings. We also see it very prominently present in the typical Scorpio native's adaptability to adverse conditions and acceptance of change.

Like water, the Scorpio personality flows and transforms, finding a way through where other elements can easily fail.

Pluto: Planet of the Subconscious

In Roman mythology, Pluto was the lord of the Underworld and the overseer of death, the ultimate transformation. He was also the deity who presided over the subconscious and mysteries in general. We see his influence in Scorpio's natural push to investigate, probe, and define life's deepest, darkest corners.

A Scorpio is capable of going where the rest of us cannot, both figuratively and literally. Pluto grants them the ability to work a special kind of transformative magic that is the key to their success in life and in regards to other people.