Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

A Scorpio Relationship

What is a Scorpio relationship like? It's easy for one to envy the self-control of a Scorpio; they rarely let such feelings as pride or embarrassment show up on their faces or alter their posture. Nothing seems to disturb their composure.

Their mental postures are just as strong, in that it's very unlikely that you'll even meet one who's gullible.

A Scorpio will almost never say things they don't mean, and you can certainly trust your Scorpio friend to be brutally honest, which is reassuring for some and frightening for others.

They will tend to overdo things, however; they are known to take action that's a little beyond the necessary; the word "overkill" may have been invented by or for a Scorpio. It's not always something to worry about, although the famous Scorpio temper might be.

Wise and generous

Almost every time astrologers talk about Scorpio people, they talk about their intensity of character and directness; it's seldom that they talk about how wise and generous they can be.

If you're among the circle of a Scorpio's friends then they trust you, and if they trust you, they'll do whatever it takes to help.

If they can solve a problem by giving you some words of wisdom, they will, but don't worry; Scorpio people tend to be brief and get to the point quickly. If they need to do something physically, they'll do so with both speed and precision.

Despite their interest in the vague and mysterious, they are quite suspicious of the ideas of others.

They tend to be quite practical in terms of deciding what works and what doesn't, and when they give advice, you can be sure that what you're getting is the wisdom of their experience, not something that they're saying because they know it will help you feel better.

Scorpio relationships; the down side

If you're a sensitive individual, it's probably best that you avoid asking for the advice of your Scorpio friends.

They have a way of being so frank and honest that it seems brutal, or purposely cruel. They don't tend to think in terms of shades of grey, and tend to avoid flattering others in any way.

It's not easy to upset a Scorpio, but when they do become annoyed by the words or actions of others, they tend to react in this same direct, no-nonsense sort of way. It doesn't pay to be on the receiving end of a Scorpio's wrath.

In other words, the tremendous passion with which a Scorpio lives their lives can take many directions; the Scorpio can be just as passionate about their politics or their work as they can be about friendship and romance, and the steadiness and coolness they exhibit on the surface protects them and others from the raging fire they have inside.

Scorpio relationships; the bright side

Scorpios are completely loyal to their friends, and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

When they have a kind word for you, they really mean it, and their opinions are not concocted on the spot because they think it's good to tell you what you want to hear.

They're careful in their considerations, and if they like something about you, or something you do, it's because you have touched that burning Scorpio passion underneath somehow, and excited them to make a well reasoned judgment in your favor; they'll never steer you in a false direction or send you off to chase a rainbow.