Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Scorpio Sign Meaning

What is the meaning of the Scorpio sign? Scorpio (the Scorpion) is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and the 2nd Water Sign, and the 3rd of the Fixed Signs. "Fixed Water" means ice. The old books considered Scorpio to be cold and ruthless, probably because of people's encounters with Scorpions in the deserts, or the icy, unrelenting gaze of the people born under this sign.

Most of the time, what people consider ruthlessness is only a matter of self defense; the Scorpio will rarely attack unless it is provoked in some way.

Scorpio, because of the claw stars and the long hooked tail, is a recognizable feature of the summer sky, and can usually be found by looking due south for the red star Antares that lies at its heart.

Even though Scorpio has all the emotional depth and psychic sensitivity of this group, they rarely make a big deal of it; they tend to make use of their intense and hypnotic personalities in the process of doing what needs to be done to help them reach their goals.

The house of Mars and Pluto

In ancient times, Scorpio was considered the house of Mars, but since the discovery of Pluto, astrologers have assigned it to Scorpio as well.

Scorpio has always been known to produce daring warriors and even civilians who are unrelenting in their quest for achievement; it was written in the first quarter of the first century BC that these people "move forward as if they have the protection of the gods" and this is true, even to this day.

Astrologers generally recognize Pluto as the planet that represents both the deep mysteries of life, and transformation; many a Scorpio's story has been a tale of sinking to the depths and rising to the heights.

Scorpio people have complete confidence in their ability to overcome any obstacle, and with the powers of the underworld and the god of war behind them, they have good reason to. Scorpio may have the strongest survival instinct of the twelve signs.

Scorpio's basic personality

The easiest feature of the Scorpio to recognize is the intensity of their eyes; they have the kind of stare that causes normal mortals to nervously turn away. Never enter into a staring contest with a Scorpio.

A Scorpio almost never says anything that can be construed as a sign of low self-esteem. Scorpio people tend to be sure of who they are and what they want at all times.

You'll almost never meet one of the members of this determined sign who shows any signs of restlessness or nervousness; you'll also rarely meet one who is suffering from some kind of illness. They rarely take rest unless their condition is serious, and when it is, they'll put Pluto's transformative power to work and be back on their feet before you know it.

Their sharp and frosty features often hide the volcanic power within them; Scorpio, even though they don't like to hear it, is the most passionate of all the Zodiac signs. This passion may not only be dedicated to romance; it might also be focused on religion or the mysteries of human life and the human soul.

Scorpio never forgets a wrong done to them, but they also never forget whatever kindness has been bestowed on them by others. Their determination and intent often turns what others consider Scorpio's dreams into reality.

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