Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Scorpio Symbol and Design

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You may use this Scorpio design on your pinterest page.

The Scorpio scorpion is perhaps the most well known symbol of all the zodiac signs. However, historically and to this day, Scorpio is represented by other symbols as well. This is because Scorpio is a sign of transformation and change, and other symbols are tied to the Scorpio sign at various stages of growth or transformation. The serpent, eagle, and great phoenix are linked to the sign of Scorpio.

The mythology of the scorpion commonly associated with constellation of Scorpio is tied to the great scorpion raised by Juno (or Hera) to challenge Orion. According to Greek mythology, the great hunter Orion openly bragged of his ability to slay any creature on earth. The great scorpion is also known in Greek mythology for halting the Sun chariot that had been stolen by Apollo's son.

The arrow at the end of the Scorpio glypth is thought to have multiple meanings. Astrologers associated it with the stinger of the scorpion's tail, the fiery phoenix, as well as the eagle.

You may use this Scorpio symbol on your pinterest page.