Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

Scorpio Traits

Scorpio traits are represented by the powerful and intimidating sign of the scorpion. Scorpio occupies the eighth position in the sequence of the zodiac and is ruled by dark and brooding Pluto - the planet in charge of the subconscious and transformation.

Scorpio natives are risk-oriented, pensive, and intense individuals who instinctively seek out change and revelation in all aspects of their lives.

Strong and Courageous

As both Scorpio and its ruler Pluto have strong connections with the concepts of death, rebirth, and transformation, it is second nature for those born under this sign to face adversity head on and welcome change into their lives with open arms.

This is quite fortunate for them, as it is a Scorpio trait to attract drama and challenge into its sphere of influence. Your typical Scorpio often has many an interesting story to tell because of this tendency and will most likely undergo several major transitions over the course of a single lifetime.

Dramatic and Extreme

One of the definitive Scorpio traits is that it will not do anything halfway. These are all or nothing people who don't ever have lukewarm feelings or reactions to anything.

Obsessions and compulsions are common issues among people born under this influence and some have a tendency toward hypochondria as well. However, outwardly they who would rather die than show any signs of weakness.

They are mindful of their public images and prefer to be the ones in control at all times. For this reason, many Scorpio natives find it difficult to submit to authority figures or be subservient to others, even when and where it is necessary.

Diligent and Independent

Since it is one of the Scorpio traits to dislike being told what to do, many seek out employment options that allow them to either be the ones in charge or work completely independently.

Self-employment is something that suits the Scorpio temperament perfectly and many of these people will at least try their hand at working for themselves one day.

Scorpio natives are naturally hard workers who are good at investigation, problem-solving, and research. They are also good with money (another area influenced by Pluto) and quite practical overall. This is a sign that sees many people rise to success under its influence.

Private and Intuitive

The intuition Scorpio natives possess is keener and more accurate than that associated with any other sign. These are folks who are good at solving puzzles and piecing together mysteries. They also possess a natural ability to look below the surface, ascertain the true motivations of individuals, and see the truth of even complicated situations.

This gives them a considerable advantage over other people and depending on the nature of a given Scorpio personality, the associated person may use what they know for the great benefit of others... or to take advantage of situations to the detriment of those around them.

As much as Scorpio likes to know what others are thinking or feeling, they are very private when it comes to their own emotions and motives.

Scorpio friends often describe them as being tough nuts to crack, enigmas, or people who personify the phrase "still waters run deep".

Suspicious and Prone to Grudges

A fixed sign that isn't open to changes of heart, Scorpio is a brooding sort of creature that takes everything seriously. They don't easily get over slights and they are very wary and suspicious when it comes to romantic partners, as their feelings run deep and are easily hurt.

It is one of the Scopio traits to be very slow to forgive and even slower to forget. A Scorpio wronged can be a dangerous creature indeed, as this is a sign that can lean toward vengefulness in the extreme. These are people who possess strong ideals when it comes to right and wrong and they won't tolerate a lack of these same ideals in those with whom they keep company.