Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

The Scorpio Woman

Is a Scorpio woman as intense and seductive as they say? Scorpio women have a reputation for being intensely seductive, well they should. Their powerful emotional core is stronger than most men's.

Just a glimpse into her hypnotic eyes will reveal enough of that power to let you know that you're not dealing with anyone submissive, and if the Scorpio appears to be so, it's their way of planting the hooks that draw you in.

Don't expect a Scorpio woman to rush into your arms or fall all over you; they just aren't built that way. Don't expect to manipulate them with schemes and games; they can see right through that.

The "femme fatale" of the "Film Noir" dramas is a good example of what these women are like. If you have one involved in your plans, chances are good that they have plans of their own, and those plans may have to do with taking control.

You'd better mean business

A Scorpio woman won't take up with just anyone; they like people who are as determined and direct as they are, and pretending to be won't do any good.

She has a way of looking deeply into you and seeing what's beneath the surface of your conversations; she can read your intentions and feelings like they are a large print book.

They almost always have seductive voices that make it impossible for you to resist their suggestions, but if you tell her you're going to do something, you'd better mean business.

A Scorpio woman does not tolerate falseness of character in anyone, and look for ambition and courage in those they are interested in. If her sixth sense gets a feeling of falseness, she'll reject you outright; the best you can hope for is that she doesn't tell you, because she can really make it hurt.

Be careful how you approach her

Coming on to a Scorpio woman full of silliness or manipulative games will only serve to insult her.

Knowing that it only takes a small sting to send most suitors "back to the drawing board" she finds it very easy to say "no." Don't persist if that happens, at least at the time, because you don't want her to wonder if you just misunderstood her or if you don't care.

If she has to say it twice, chances are you'll begin to feel the famous Scorpio wrath descend on you before she even turns her head, and her wrath is likely to leave a wound that lasts for a very long time.

If you're not the person she wants, she knows it, and she'll make it plain to you. She's looking for someone with the power and intelligence to handle the intense passions she has for life, and her 6th sense is almost always on until she's found that person.

As loyal as she is intense

The Scorpio woman is unbelievably loyal to those she deems as deserving of her loyalty, and her dignity, when in a relationship, is unassailable.

She's very picky about who she lets into her inner circle, and once you're in, there's a feeling of separateness from the rest of the world.

Chances are good that she'll become attracted to the supernatural or the occult at some time in her life, not just because of her interest in the mysteries of life, but because she instinctively knows that maybe these topics can explain her power which, sometimes, mystifies even her.