Zodiac Love Matches

Taurus Woman Aries Man

Our Taurus Woman and Aries Man compatibility rating is 6. An Aries Man may find you a little too steady and sure for his high-octane, self directed, active nature. Yet Venus and Mars are your sign's planets, and their qualities complement one another. The planets exalted in your signs, the Moon and the Sun, are also compliments.

Although it may take some work and understanding in the beginning, the compatibility rating of this relationship could eventually become an 8.

The Elements

Earth vs Fire - You're likely to be immediately attracted to his active, independent and passionate nature; these are attributes of the Fire Signs. There may be times when he seems a little too impulsive or reckless for your Earthy nature, but you'll have a hard time finding someone as honest and exciting.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - You're the kind of person who likes to think first and act only when you're certain of getting solid or reliable results, while he likes to take action and worry about consequences later. You're less likely to become easily excited about new prospects and ventures, but he is far more passionate and optimistic, being born under a Fire Sign.

The Planets

Venus & the Moon vs Mars & the Sun - Venus and Mars are your ruling planets, and although they are opposites in nature, they attract one another like the poles on a magnet. He'll admire your steadfast and loyal nature, as well as your careful attention to things (especially him). You'll help concentrate and focus his fiery Mars nature, and help him learn to be more purposeful in his actions. Your focus will tend to be on security, home and family because Taurus is the place of the Moon's exaltation, while he is more oriented towards his drives and motivations, and the pursuit of his desires, because his sign is the throne of the Sun, the perfect complement to the Moon.

Love and Romance

Your different elemental natures could be difficult at times. Being a practical and Earthy Taurean Woman, you are not one to take risks; he often does, because of his Fire Sign based nature. He's also one to get emotionally excited and is prone to overdoing the drama a bit, while, like the earth, you tend to be more placid and willing to wait and see what happens. An Aries Man, being born into a Cardinal Sign, may wonder, because of your "Fixed" nature, why you are so deliberate; what you call reason, he's likely to call stubbornness.

The Keys to Success

Let him be involved, but you handle the finances.

Let him get involved in your business affairs; double check what he's doing, but don't let him know. Give him the stability that he needs to anchor his ideas and energy. Don't give up on your own tendency to think in terms of security for the future, but don't try to put a damper on his optimism and hopefulness.

Don't mistake his behavior for disloyalty.

It may take a lot to get you angry or upset, and you'll have to muster a good deal of self-control to handle his behavior. Open and gregarious, he may appear not to be paying attention to you from time to time; don't mistake this wild behavior for disloyalty or a lack of caring.

How to know if he loves you.

You'll know that he loves you because of his steady and continuous effort to please you; doing so is worth it to him because of the stability and security you bring into his life, and if he knows that the relationship is on safe and solid ground, he will never let you down.

Final Score: Taurus Woman Aries Man compatibility = 60%.

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