Zodiac Love Matches

Taurus Woman Cancer Man

Our Taurus Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 9. The elements and qualities are well matched, and the planets support and complement each other. As a Taurus Woman, you'll probably recognize a Cancer Man as someone with whom you share the same goals, ideals and passions.

This is an outstanding match with potential to grow ever greater.

The Elements

Earth vs Water - Your elemental natures are almost perfectly matched, in that your Earthy and nurturing nature helps contain the tides of his moods. There are rarely issues of stubbornness or over-emotionalism, because you understand each other so well.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - Being born in a Fixed sign, you're possessed with a tremendous amount of common sense and practicality. Cancer is a Cardinal sign, full of drive and the desire to lead. The two of you make a terrific team, in both business and pleasure.

The Planets

Venus & the Moon vs the Moon & Jupiter - Wherever Venus and the Moon combine, there is a kind of almost touchable magnetism between them. Whenever the Moon and Jupiter get together, there is improvement in the lifestyle. The main thing you both seek is a happy and secure home, and this planetary combination supports that dream fully.

Love and Romance

When you meet him, it is likely to be unexpected, as if you were drawn together by fate. There's likely to be an instantaneous rush of emotion between you, and you'll probably discover very quickly that you like the same things and enjoy each others' company. If it weren't for his changing moods, others may think that you're born under the same sign, you tend to have so much in common. Although he is not one to rush things (and neither are you) he is one to make solid commitments, and once he grabs on to them, he doesn't let go. Your patience will truly be appreciated by him, and his humor and passionate love will excite you to the depths of your soul.

The Keys to Success

Know his moods are constantly changing.

They tend to change with the phases of the Moon, so make sure you have a calendar or almanac to let you know when they are more likely to need your attention and sympathy. You'll quickly learn when to suggest what; he'll be thrilled by your consideration, and return the favor with all the loyalty, care and passion he can muster, and that's a lot.

Explosive arguments should be rare.

Because Cancer is a water sign, you may see that he will begin to imitate or adopt your habits. It's actually an unconscious compliment and something that will help stabilize their emotions. When the two of you are together, it's really rare for arguments of the explosive fire-sign type to occur, even if both of you are talkative for your sign-types. This is partially due to the imitation effect, and partially due to the fact that you don't want to do anything unnecessary and he doesn't want to get emotionally excited.

Encourage his humor.

Give him the opportunity to remind you of how funny he is, and try to do so every day. Not only does he know just where your funny-bone is, but he knows what to do with it. He'll also help you bring your own lighthearted humorous side into the foreground. This also should be your policy about intimate relations; he's not fickle and will give his all to seeing to it that you're happy, and you'll do the same for him.

Final Score: Taurus Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 90%.

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