Zodiac Love Matches

Taurus Woman Capricorn Man

Our Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man compatibility rating is 9. A Capricorn Man is a very good mate for you, Taurus. The combination of the Earth element and the Cardinal quality keep his ambition and drive under control and realistic. Your planets match well in that it's not likely that you'll overestimate or underestimate each other.

Your mutual understanding and your common goals will bring you much pleasure, and you'll never find better company.

The Elements

Both are Earth - You share the same ideals and goals, being born under Earth Signs. Sometimes your relationship may face obstacles, but because of your patience and his persistence, you are very likely to see them through.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - The Fixed quality of your sign provides a solid base for his Cardinal ambition. Because both of you are practical and determined, this combination works out perfectly.

The Planets

Venus & the Moon vs Saturn & Mars - Your planets are well matched; the combination of Venus and Saturn represent your ability to set aside immediate satisfaction in order to gain long term satisfaction, an ideal you share. The exalted planets, the Moon and Mars, are well matched to nurture his ambition and stimulate your passion.

Love and Romance

It's not easy to find someone with whom you are as compatible as he will be. You both share the same goals, and have essentially the same ideas as to how to reach them. You both tend to take life seriously, and although he is likely to be more ambitious, due to his Cardinal nature, he's not impulsive or frivolous in his way of going about things. It may take a good deal of your Venusian tenderness to get him to open his heart, but you would be hard pressed to find a more practical, direct and disciplined mate. When romance blossoms between these two signs, it's likely to be true and last forever, because neither of you could, after getting to know each other, accept anything less. A Taurus Woman has a knack of finding ways to comfort and reassure a Capricorn Man that can surpass those of any other sign, and that's saying a lot.

The Keys to Success

Always let him know you believe in him.

You will tend to be content with self-respect, and could care less about other's opinions, but he is very ambitious and does care about the opinions of others. He may not show it outwardly, but in his own mind, he considers how others opinions, real or not, may affect his efforts to reach his goals. He probably trusts you enough to confide in you; reassure him in the most affectionate way that you're there for him, and it will work a miracle.

Always remain patient.

He will adore your quality of patience. He does not like to be pushed, and appreciates the fact that you are willing to take your time with things. In an odd twist, this may make the relationship develop, or move to the next level even faster, because it sparks his ambition to achieve another goal; a romantic one this time.

Share your humor with each other often.

One thing you may not know that you share with him is a sense of humor. Keep your own sense of humor alive and take a chance on being funny, but not at his expense. He can be quite funny, in a dry sort of way, and by giving him the opportunity to be funny, and by keeping your own cheerful and humorous ways, you'll lift many a pessimistic cloud from both of your hearts.

Final Score: Taurus Woman Capricorn Man compatibility = 90%.

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