Zodiac Love Matches

Taurus Woman Gemini Man

Our Taurus Woman and Gemini Man compatibility rating is 5. The elemental natures are a mismatch; a Gemini Man lives in his thoughts, while you take a practical approach to life. His Mutable flexibility may seem a bit too inconstant or unreliable for the certainty of your Fixed nature.

The planets can do well together, Venus enjoys the variety that comes with Mercury, and it can brighten up the gloomy mood that occasionally comes from your exalted Moon.

The Elements

Earth vs Air - He may continually try to move you with his Airy mentality, but it takes more than that to get the Earth into motion. It's likely that you'll find him to be lacking in seriousness and stability.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Mutable - It's the nature of Fixed Signs to give stability and form, but he may refuse to be in a structured relationship. It's the nature of Mutable signs to be flexible and adaptable, but being a Taurus Woman, you may wonder if the Gemini is ever concerned with his personal or financial security.

The Planets

Venus & the Moon vs Mercury - Both Venus and the Moon are friendly to Mercury, and it's from Mercury that he gets his perpetual youthfulness and gift of gab. You may find, however, that his lack of commitment to ideas and traditions that are important to makes him difficult to rely on and untrustworthy.

Love and Romance

If you're interested in a Gemini Man, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. One is that he usually thinks the story is more important than the content of the message; the other is that he's likely to think that your Taurean insistence on getting the facts straight is a stubborn and biased way to behave. Gemini Men can be very entertaining, but a Taurus Woman needs more than stories and charm. Gemini Men who have a heavy Taurus influence may know that a Taurus Woman is more attracted to hugs than game playing and verbal artistry. If he's in love, he'll know this, and grasp your hand and tell you how much he loves you, and through this contact, you'll know right away whether or not he's being true.

The Keys to Success

Be adaptable.

Learning to adapt to new ways of being is an absolute necessity when in a relationship this man. He gets bored quickly and is always on the go, but he's not necessarily unfaithful, just overly playful. It will take all your patience to encourage him to meet your needs, but if he loves you truly, he will make sure you know that doing so is worth it.

Keep your conversations fluid and open.

Don't be too quick to close a discussion with him; try doing things in a different way by compromising and seeing things from his point of view. No matter how changeable his perspective on life may be, if you love him, he'll honor that, and have more respect for your solid and practical approach to life, rather than looking for fun elsewhere.

Don't push for any commitments.

Don't try to rush him into a commitment. He's not commitment-phobic, but he just doesn't think in terms of settling down. If you're just beginning the relationship, have him foot the bill or split it evenly between you. If he's truly interested in you, he'll consider it an honor. Be willing to do new things; they don't have to be extreme, but they will open up an opportunity to let your sensual side out to play, and both of you will enjoy it.

Final Score: Taurus Woman Gemini Man compatibility = 50%.

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