Zodiac Love Matches

Taurus Woman Leo Man

Our Taurus Woman and Leo Man compatibility rating is 7. The elements have a difficult relationship between one another, and although you are both Fixed signs, you have different priorities.

The planets are more harmonious than not, because Venus and the Moon both have visible phases - they both increase in brightness because of their relationship to the Sun.

The Elements

Earth vs Fire - Taurus is an Earth Sign, which takes a steady, sure and practical approach to everything, especially financial matters. Leo is a fire sign, who tends to be impulsive and take risks. This can often be a source of tension between you.

The Qualities

Both are Fixed - Since both of you are born under Fixed signs, you both like permanence and stability, but your way of going about achieving them are different. You will seek stability through being cautious and practical; he seeks stability through his reputation and by commanding the respect of others.

The Planets

Venus & the Moon vs the Sun - Being a Taurus Woman, you have a great love of quiet harmony in your relationships and in your home. Venus gives you a sensual nature, and because Taurus is the throne of the Moon, you place your feelings and emotions ahead of all things. The Leo man is ruled by the Sun, and will not allow himself to be second to anyone, and can sometimes be boisterous or unnecessarily passionate in his way of being.

Love and Romance

His pride (which sometimes turns to arrogance) will cause him to be demanding and even controlling, especially when you cannot immediately respond to his commanding behavior. The good news is that he will almost always make up for it in a tender and passionate way afterward. He'll usually take credit for the things that you do, and will almost never retract a statement or apologize for his mistakes, but will always demonstrate, through his natural warmth and generosity, how much he really cares. He will always admire and respect you, you can trust him to be a perfect protector, and he will never fail to satisfy your sensual, passionate nature.

The Keys to Success

Go big or go home.

Don't be surprised if he turns up the stereo so loud that you can't enjoy the music, or when he spends an absurd amount of money to have the biggest or fanciest car among your social group; the Leo cannot help his need to do everything in a big way. He loves your practicality and common sense. In everything except lovemaking will always act to assert his image and authority in the eyes of others.

Pay attention to him.

You'll probably notice early on that he rarely asks for anything; he naturally turns every request into a command. His Solar pride causes him to feel like royalty, and he'll stop at nothing to stay in the spotlight. Do your best to pay as much attention to him as possible, especially when he's taken center stage, and he'll make sure that you know how much he appreciates it.

Let him warm your heart.

You may be immune to his self-promoting conversation, but his physical and generous display of love will always warm your heart. He may be frustrated in his efforts to get you to act in a more enthusiastic fashion or be more demonstrative in public, but it's futile to try and match his energy. Just let him know in some way that you feel hurt by his actions, and he'll quickly revert to his generous and protective self, and return to being the kind of mate that you've always desired.

Final Score: Taurus Woman Leo Man compatibility = 70%.

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