Zodiac Love Matches

Taurus Woman Libra Man

Our Taurus Woman and Libra Man compatibility rating is 5. It's harder than usual to reconcile the elements because of the sign qualities in the case of Taurus and Libra.

Compatibility between two people of these signs is difficult without other supporting factors in the complete horoscopes.

The Elements

Earth vs Air - Taurus is an Earth Sign with a stable and sensuous nature, Libra is an Air Sign with a changeable and mental nature. It takes a good degree of adjustment on both sides to make this relationship work, but, under the right conditions, it does.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Cardinal - As a Fixed Sign, you like things to be serene and secure; as a Cardinal Sign, he looks for the opportunity to bring things into what he sees as harmony. He may not have a sense of "good enough" and probably could care less about finding the harmony or beauty in the way things are.

The Planets

Venus & the Moon vs Venus & Saturn - Although you are both ruled by Venus, you use its ability to harmonize and beautify in completely different ways. Your approach to life is patient and sensual, but he reaches harmony by force. This is because of the difference in the nature of your exalted planets, the Moon and Saturn.

Love and Romance

Your man is a gregarious person, social and popular. He'll tend to do a lot of things away from the home in order to make sure that he's still "got the edge." Even though both your signs are "ruled" by the same planet, Venus, a relationship with him will require many adjustments in your ways of being. He is quite charming, though, and is difficult to resist if you become a target of his affection. Although in matters of romance he can be very comforting and even thrilling, you may find Libra to be too analytical or manipulative for your sensitive and loyal nature.

The Keys to Success

Dont bother arguing with him.

Don't try to argue or dispute a point or decision with him. He will carefully review every pro and con in order to win, and if nothing else works, he'll use his charm as a powerful weapon. Sometimes he'll reverse the method; if he can't win with his charm alone, he'll use his well-honed skills of logic and reasoning to get his way, and more often than not, he does. If you manage to arrange things in a neat and tidy way, however, there'll be little for him to complain about or correct, but that takes some doing.

Libra Men are neither lazy nor indecisive.

They are "all in" and "full on" so much of the time that they require periods of rest in order to rebalance themselves; it would be a good idea to allow them that privilege. When a he makes a decision, he does his best to make sure that he is being fair, and has seen both sides of the coin before he flips it. Your natural patience is a virtue with him.

Go out with him as much as possible.

As a Taurus Woman, you tend to like your home and its comforts; a Libra Man is constantly out and about. Do your best to try and accompany him as often as possible. If he has declared his love for you, you can believe that he has been through a rigorous analysis and made the decision to do so; his sense of fairness is so strong that he would never take anything like that lightly, and your companionship would assure him that he's made the right decision.

Final Score: Taurus Woman Libra Man compatibility = 50%.

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