Zodiac Love Matches

Taurus Woman Sagittarius Man

Our Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man compatibility rating is 5. The combination of the Earth element and the Fixed quality in you creates a good deal of stability. The combination of the Fire and Mutable aspects shows men born in Sagittarius to be imaginative, impulsive and sometimes reckless.

This is a good business combination, but makes for a difficult romantic relationship.

The Elements

Earth vs Fire - The steady and practical nature of your Earthy sign, Taurus, has some difficulty with the Fire Signs' impulsiveness. Because of the qualities and planets, this is a match that is rarely consistent with your desires.

The Qualities

Fixed vs Mutable - Because you are a Fixed Earth sign, you focused on practical and established ways of doing things. A Sagittarius Man is a Mutable sign, but is probably the least reliable or consistent of the signs of this quality.

The Planets

Venus & the Moon vs Jupiter - Venus is the planet of your sign; Jupiter is the planet of Sagittarius. Jupiter's idealism is often taken to extremes in this Fire Sign; a Sagittarian Man will often be ready to upset the established order of things if it gets in the way of his ideals or his optimism. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, and it's combination with Jupiter can expand your horizons or improve your lifestyle, but it may take major adjustments in your thinking to make this combination work.

Love and Romance

Taurus and Sagittarius are possibly the most un-alike signs of the Zodiac. Most Sagittarian Men are used to luck being a part of their lives, and most Taurean Women don't even think in terms of luck. Sagittarians like to be on the move and where the action is, Taureans like the security and comfort of a well established home. Many Sagittarian Men are not prone to entering into the kind of romantic commitments that Taurus Women crave. Both of you can be very honest, but sometimes the Sagittarius is unaware of whether or not his honesty hurts others' feelings. You'll love his idealism and cheerful, adventurous nature, and he'll love your attention and ability to listen. Nevertheless, the two of you may make brilliant business partners, but romance, without many other supporting factors in your horoscopes, is difficult at best.

The Keys to Success

Patience and understanding will create trust.

If you can cope with his frank and sometimes blunt manner, your natural patience will provide you with an understanding of him that no other sign may easily grasp. Gaining this understanding is the basis of trust, and if he feels that you trust him, it will bring out all the love, passion and loyalty he has to give, and that's a lot.

Your practical nature can balance his speculative one.

Your common-sense, practical approach to life can provide a nice balance for his speculative nature. He can be almost reckless when it comes to the use of money, but if he's with someone who manages it well, he will settle down a bit. It's easy to cause him to feel corralled, though, and that's something that gives him the jitters.

Let him know where your boundaries are.

You'll probably object to a Sagittarian Man's natural curiosity; he has the tendency to ask questions in such a way as to get into your deepest thoughts and feelings. Because you are a private person, it would be a good idea to set some boundaries in this area before you become too frustrated. At the same time, the information he gathers will probably move the relationship into a deeper level of understanding, help you connect with your natural cheerfulness and, maybe, take the edge of your naturally pessimistic way of thinking.

Final Score: Taurus Woman Sagittarius Man compatibility = 50%.

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