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Taurus Woman Taurus Man

Our Taurus Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is 9. This is one of the best same-sign relationships; the planets, elements and qualities are the same.

Although you may have differences in the way that you achieve your goals, you'll always understand and trust one another.

The Elements

Both are Earth - Both Taurus Women and Taurus Men have an unrelenting drive to attain security. Although the visible manifestation comes as financial security, security in romance is also a top priority. Once a relationship starts with him, you can be sure that both of you will be as good about keeping those vows as you are at keeping the material things you've acquired.

The Qualities

Both are Fixed - When the two of you are together, there is very little on earth that can pull you apart. The thing to watch out for is his stubbornness, and the tendency to try and overcome it by being stubborn yourself.

The Planets

Venus & the Moon - There is hardly any conflict, since both of your signs express the same planets. The Venusian side is the powerfully sensual nature you both possess, and the exalted Moon is why you both put the stability and security of home and family on such a high pedestal.

Love and Romance

A Taurus Woman will always appreciate the steady and sure way in which her Taurus Man bears up against the tides of circumstance; he knows that she will always provide the peace and sincerity that he is looking for in a mate. The two of you may take your sweet time in building your future together, but from the first recognition of the common need for security, there's an irresistible sense of knowing that your best interest lie with him. The best thing is that you're not so much alike that there is no interest or excitement, and that he, like you, will never break a promise, no matter how long it takes him to keep it.

The Keys to Success

Realize neither of you change your mind.

Neither of you are prone to changing your mind once you've made them up. It's simply a part of your nature. It's as useless to try and change a Taurean's mind as it is to try and move a continent with a truck and a tow chain, but you can play an important part in helping him make it up; just remember he's always thinking of ways to make life more secure and comfortable.

Taking it to the next level.

Neither of you like sudden changes or upsets in your routine; if you want to take the next step that will make the relationship more solid, you'll need to come up with very compelling reasons for doing so. Realize that when you talk to him about taking things to the next level that, in his mind, if you're together, things are already at the next level. When it comes to romance, he makes up his mind very quickly, and again, it's almost impossible for him to change it.

Use the power of touch.

He is a man of few words, but in private, you may be subjected to a continuous flow of endearments, pet names and even song. Although neither of you tend to be upset easily, when it does happen, he can be calmed quickly by your affection and sympathy. This is the basis of your physical relationship as well; the sense of touch is very powerful in the both of you, and like magic in stressful times.

Final Score: Taurus Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 90%.

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