Taurus: April 20 - May 20

About Taurus

Want to know about Taurus? Taurus absolutely hates change. Change throws them off every time they encounter it. The routine that so many others hate is exactly what a Taurus craves.

They love the same-old, same-old and can't get enough of it. They don't get bored by it, they thrive under it.

When you are first trying to understand what it means to be a Taurus Bull, it would help if you would first picture an actual Bull. You know the kind I mean. Just like the ones you see out in the country, surrounded by what seems like miles and miles of pasture. Everything is all neatly fenced in and safely enclosed.

The grass is neatly groomed and way off in the distance is a picture perfect red barn just waiting for the bull to come home to. Once you can picture a huge bull standing out in that field, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by blue sky and white fencing, you'll begin to get an understanding of what it means to be a Taurus.

They love wide open spaces and soft soothing color schemes. They have a natural tendency to follow rules, and are great disciplinarians once they reach adulthood. They are very protective of those they love, and have a tendency to "fence in" those they feel need protection.

Sometimes this can lead to problems in their relationships, because not everyone appreciates a well-built fence. While some might find being fenced in stifling, the Taurus Bull finds it soothing.

Patient and calm, they have a naturally quiet personality that does not need to be the center of attention. In fact, they prefer to be off by themselves watching over those they are responsible for from the outskirts.

Taurus is a creative sign that enjoys expressing themselves artistically. They enjoy drawing, writing, or creating culinary masterpieces to share with loved ones. Often it's easier for them to express themselves emotionally through their creations than it is for them to put a voice to their actual feelings.

Taurus is a very healthy sign; partly because it's their nature to be sturdy, and partly because they simply refuse to give in to any illness. Their bodies tend to be short and slightly plumper than other signs. ("Stocky" might be a better way to describe them). They move slowly, as if the weight of the world was on their shoulders but once they get their momentum up they are a force to be reckoned with.

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