Taurus: April 20 - May 20

How to Attract a Taurus Man

Want to know how to attract a Taurus Man? Highlight your calm stability rather than your wild child side. Taurus tends not to seek out extreme experiences. He is unlikely to want to go BASE jumping with you...

Or to participate in anything that deviates to far from his comfort zone. Its especially important to take it slow and not to push him outside his comfort zone when you are building that initial relationship and trust.

Indulge his senses

Give a Taurus man an evening which delights as many of his senses as possible and he will begin to look at you with greater interest. If you can invite him into a beautiful garden you worked to create, or a lovely and comfortable home where you cook him a delicious meal, he will be impressed.

Just make sure the meal you serve does not include unusual dishes with strange tastes and ingredients he does not recognize. Unless acclimated to the idea of foreign dishes through years of travel or living in a cosmopolitan city, Taurus usually prefers to steer clear of exotic culinary exploration.

Dress conservatively

This conservatism often extends to his opinions about his date's appearance. A Taurean is unlikely to be amused by extreme fashion choices if your fashion role model is Lady Gaga or Bjork, choose a mate other than the bull. His own appearance will usually reflect the style dictated by whatever group he considers his peers-whether the classic Hollywood elegance of George Clooney or the hippie style of George Carlin (both Taureans).

Even the minority of this sign who choose a more flamboyant look for themselves-think of Liberace, for example-generally prefers their partners to choose a somewhat tamer physical presentation.

Be honest

The majority of bulls feel uncomfortable with elaborate verbal games. If you want his opinion, simply ask for it-but be prepared for it to be delivered bluntly. Many men born with the sun in this sign have difficulty discerning the difference between tact and dishonesty and therefore may tend to err on the side of crude truth.

However, this tendency toward simplicity and truth can also mean he will express his romantic feelings in a very tender and unaffected way.

Be devoted

If you have a tendency to flirt with everyone around you, you and your bull may be headed for trouble. A male Taurus wants to know that his mate is devoted to him and is not looking for other dalliances-even playful jokes may not sit well with his possessive nature.

Recognize his generosity

Taurus loves to share his pleasure in the physical world with the people who are important in his life. Depending on his income level and interests, he may gift you with jewelry or flowers, concert tickets, or massage-for-two on the beach.

If you want the relationship to continue, be sure to thank him for his generosity and consideration. The sturdy bull can be surprisingly sensitive to perceived snubs or rejection. Show your appreciation for him and he will begin to see you as a valuable part of his emotional life.