Taurus: April 20 - May 20

How to Attract a Taurus Woman

Want to know how to attract a Taurus woman? Woo her! A Taurus woman appreciates a suitor who demonstrates their attraction through special dates and gifts.

Whatever you do, DO NOT opt for a canned version of romance! Take the time to learn her interests and inclinations then customize the romantic gestures to her unique personality.

Showing up at her door with a heart-shaped box of candy, a bouquet of roses and reservations at the town's best steakhouse will mean nothing if she has an allergy to chocolate prefers living plants to cut flowers and doesn't eat red meat

However, if you notice her likes and dislikes, and plan a customized romantic evening based on those, you will begin to win her heart. The more sensory bases you cover, the more successful you will be in arousing her romantic interest.

Appeal to her senses

Think about the scents she enjoys, her preferences in food, the music playing in the background and even the texture of the seat cushions and tablecloth. When you talk with her, listen attentively and show that you respect and value her opinion even if you hold a different one.

The key phrase for Taurus is "I have" and that encompasses not only material goods but beliefs. As your relationship continues, keep this Taurean motto in mind and give her gifts which match her personal tastes and style.

Get earthy with her

Most Taurus women love nature. Depending on the individual, they may express this through an enjoyment of outdoor pursuits such as hiking or canoeing; through gardening or in nurturing household pets. Keeping up with her on a hike; learning to identify some of the different plants she cultivates and showing affection for her animals will help you gain her trust and affection.

If you think nature is best appreciated through a window or despise cats, a Taurean female is probably not your best relationship bet.

Demonstrate stability and reliability

If you are trying to attract a Taurus woman you must demonstrate that you are stable, reliable and capable of commitment if you want her to see you as a candidate for a long-term relationship. Without boasting, make sure she knows you have savings in the bank and no plans to abandon your job for the sake of adventure.

If the two of you share a love of hiking but she knows you may drop everything to take off on a six-month trek through South America, she will relegate you to the status of friend. Also, if you tell her aren't sure you believe in monogamy, she will probably keep you at a distance.

Lying and subterfuge are also deeply offensive to her.

Bottom Line: How to attract a Taurus woman

If you want to unlock the innate sensuality of this earthy sign: Wrap her in decadence. Appeal to her senses (sight, sound, smell, feel, and taste) as much and whenever possible. Mother nature is your friend, get to know her, before you move on HER. Don't push a taurus girl out of her comfort zone. Keep her warm and feeling secure - both physically and financially.