Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Taurus in Love

Taurus is an earth sign and a Taurus in love wants to feel that their partnership is as stable as the ground beneath their feet. If you are in a relationship with a Taurean, do not give them any reason to doubt your love - the love of the bull wanes rather than waxes with jealousy.

Speak truthfully to a Taurus in love, show you respect their opinions and that you have no intention of causing a relationship earthquake and they will reward you with devotion.

Do not be lulled by this devotion (and their usual easygoing attitude) into thinking they are doormats in a relationship. Once the bull's temper is aroused, they demonstrate the truth of the saying "Beware the fury of a patient man."


If the bull perceives that he or she has been treated with disrespect, even when the Taurus is in love, will not forgive easily. Bulls require and demand the freedom to stay true to their own beliefs as well as honesty and fidelity from their partners. A bull who receives these basics will remain contented in his pasture rather than charging with horns lowered.


Although Taurus can enjoy travel and evenings out on the town, for them shared time in a home nest is an essential ingredient in a long-term relationship. They want a mate who will enjoy cooking a meal together, working side-by-side in the garden, playing with the kids or dog in the yard or simply curling up entwined on the couch to enjoy a movie.


William Shakespeare, born with the sun in Taurus, wrote beautiful love sonnets, but most bulls are more inclined to show their love through actions than flowery language.

Depending on their talents, they may choose to demonstrate their feelings in a variety of practical ways like building shelves for your closet or taking your dog for a walk when you feel sick.

Since they are very connected to their senses, they will also delight in sharing sensory treats with you-anything from treating you to a meal at your favorite restaurant to a back rub with scented oils.


Taurus' emphasis on physical experience means most of them are not cut out for long-distance relationships. Taureans want to snuggle with their partners and have sessions of physical contact with them on a regular basis. Their appetites are usually not satiated by substitutes such as long distance relationships.

Taurus truly revels in the beauty of the natural world, often finding in nature a sense of spirituality. If you want to perceive the magic of nature, go for a walk with a Taurus to see the world through their eyes.


Mature Taureans do not let their keen appreciation for romance prevent them from attending to the practical underpinnings of life. They want a mate who will assist them in making sure the bills are paid, the refrigerator well-stocked and the garbage taken out daily.

Taureans often attain financial security only after an early period of poverty and struggle which teaches them not to ignore the nuts and bolts details that make the enjoyment of sensory pleasures possible. (Less evolved members of this zodiac group, however, can have a tendency to sloth and seek a Prince/ss Charming to rescue them from the messes they have created.)


In addition sharing this vision, they also love to lavish presents on those they love. This sign is known for generosity. Taureans are likely to offer gifts, not from a sense of social obligation, but as tokens of love and esteem. If a Taurus gives you a present, chances are it was chosen with care and signals that they genuinely care about you.