Taurus: April 20 - May 20

The Taurus Man

So you're interested in a Taurus Man? If you are interested in a Taurus man, you have taken a liking to someone as solid as a rock. ...But he does not dive in head first at the first sign of love.

But he will let you know, in no uncertain terms, that when he's in, he's in for keeps. The Taurean may take some time deciding whether or not he wants you to be his mate, but once that decision is made, he'll be uncompromising with the passion and caring he exhibits.

Also, just because the Taurus man is down to earth and exhibits the aura of quiet strength, don't believe that there will be any lack of romance in your relationship.

Practical and sensual

Taurean males do everything in a very practical and determined way, and are very protective of those whom he loves. He's vulnerable to anything you do to appeal to his sensual nature; the right atmosphere, music or perfume works wonders but he despises any form of trickery or game-playing.

Being generous, you may be surprised at the gifts he lavishes on you, but you'll never have to worry about him wasting money; he will rarely buy anything he cannot afford. Make sure you find out what he likes; whether its candlelight jazz, hard rock on the iPod, or beer and country music, if you like the same, you're in.

Big love

You can expect a Taurus male to do things in a big way, and even the little niceties such as the holiday candy or occasional card will probably have friends green with envy. But this means that he expects you to keep his ever-burning need for sensual enjoyment satisfied. This means more than lovemaking; a Taurus will become quite upset if you bring home loud or pushy friends and join in their behavior.

Stay in fashion and don't be afraid to put extra effort into your looks and behavior. Even if out in the wild country, you'll find your Taurus much happier if you're in the latest and best gear available; chances are good that he'll get it for you anyway.

Plan for tomorrow

Don't get in the way of your Taurus if he's planning and preparing for the next season, the next career step or the new home; he's a person that likes to be prepared, and is annoyed if others think more immediate things are more important.

Not that he's one to be a stick in the mud, but your Taurus will always put long-term satisfaction at the top of his list of priorities.

Keep the fire hot

No Taurus man wants to have a plow and whip behind him; don't even try to force him to do something he hasn't chosen to do himself. He can put up with burdens for a long time, but in the long run, he values his freedom more.

Even if you've won a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize, don't try to manipulate the conversation so that you can remind him of it or show off to your friends. He certainly respects intelligence, but he prefers common sense and good manners.

Taurus men have a way of tuning to stone and making you feel small, and if this happens too often, they are likely look for a new pasture in which to graze.