Taurus: April 20 - May 20

A Taurus Relationship

Are you interested in a relationship with a Taurus? Your Taurus relationship will be with a very sensual person who takes delight in every taste, touch, smell, sight and sound connected with friendship. Once a Taurean has extended the hand of friendship to another, they expect that friendship to remain firmly in place.

They have an inner certainty that others want their friendship, and a sense of confidence about working together with others for common goals.

Taureans like physical contact with others; it helps them "feel" that the friendship is there, as befits the nature of the planet Venus, who is the "manager" of this peaceful and friendly sign. When the going gets tough between them and others, it's hard to tell, because of the natural Taurean sense of brevity; a typical (and patient) Taurus would rather wait for you to come around than to ruin a friendship over a trifling matter.

Taurean needs

The Taurus needs to feel that others understand them; even the talkative ones will pace themselves while getting to know you, so that they can make sure they are being understood. Once they are certain that the lines of communication are open, their needs immediately shift to sharing their joy in the material world.

Most Taureans have friends among their business associates, or who share the same kind of recreational interests. Even those Taureans whose sensual nature has led them into an interest in food and drink (which is common) will spend plenty of time with those who share these interests.

Don't forget about the Taurean need for comfort; if a Taurus friend has not visited for a while, it might be because you haven't given them a comfy chair to sit in.

Taurus relationships; the down side

Some people find it difficult to get past the Taurean habit of being stuck in their ways. Their ideas are fundamental to the way they think; the Taurean comfort zone is built to withstand any attack, but it's also very hard for them to leave it.

It's hard to get the Taurus involved in anything you find new and exciting, unless there is something in the opportunity that directly sparks their interest, and usually that means something they are already interested in.

Taureans are also into "ownership" in terms of the things they enjoy, and sometimes that means their relationships as well. They take others' obligations to them very seriously.

Taurus relationships; the bright side

Taurus people build things in a big way, and they like things that last, including their friendships. It takes a lot to push a Taurus to the point that they won't be willing to work on things or start over again in terms of keeping their relationships with others going.

Being very sensible people, the Taurean is quite happy to help with mundane matters like investments, accounting, personal advice and so forth, and it's quite unusual for them to make uncertain or irresponsible decisions on these matters.

They won't go outside of their areas of expertise and come up with things on the spur of the moment. In other words, the Taurus is a very reliable and down to earth person who will rarely do anything to jeopardize a friendship, especially if there is the possibility of mutually beneficial pursuits between the two of you.