Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Taurus Sign Meaning

Want to know the meaning of the Taurus sign? Taurus is the 2nd sign of the Zodiac, and this bull is the strong, silent type. The influence of this sign serves to stabilize the new beginnings of the 1st sign, Aries.

Taurus is the first of the Earth Signs, and the first of the "Fixed Signs"; as you might guess, Earth is the densest of the classical four "elements" and "Fixed" means, well, fixed.

Fixed signs fall at the time of year where the weather is most typical of the season, and tends to remain stable, and Taureans are known for their solidity and stability, as well as their uncanny ability to stay the course and maintain their composure.

When certain other signs hold powerful influences on their birthdays they may be a little more talkative than the typical Taurus, but generally, they can be recognized easily as being the strong, silent type of person who is very certain about their direction in life.

House of Venus, throne of the Moon

When considering the relationships of the Zodiac Signs to the Planets, Taurus is considered the house of Venus, the peacemaker. Venus symbolizes the natural instinct toward beauty, harmony and togetherness that is so important to the human character.

Taurus is a sign which symbolizes building and the effort to preserve; some say the Pyramids were built during the Zodiacal age of Taurus, along with other ancient wonders, like Stonehenge.

The Moon represents home and family and our habits and moods; Taureans may be happiest when in their home or out in nature, and even if they live in the midst of the urban jungle, are likely to do whatever they can to surround themselves with comfort and natural beauty.

This love of beauty is the basis of the love of Taureans for their possessions; it is rare to find a Taurus who is not proud of what they earn or they own.

Taurus' basic nature

Most common astrology guides will tell you that Taurus is stubborn, but to the Taurus, they are only expressing their patience; it is rare to find a Taurus who is not sensible and firm.

Taureans radiate a seemingly indestructible aura of serenity that comes from the peaceful ray of Venus being grounded in this Earth Sign, but the last thing you want to do is to disturb their serenity.

Although it's as hard for most people to annoy a Taurus as it is for a flea to annoy an elephant, when they are pushed beyond their limits, you can expect a definite, unrelenting display of strength that is usually unexpected, surprising and completely effective. If it weren't for their patience, they might be the only sign of the Zodiac left.

Taureans are almost all nature lovers, and if no other opportunities to enjoy the bounty of the earth present themselves, they will take frequent trips to the park or the zoo, just to re-establish their connection with nature.

People born under Taurus are more likely to be "set in their ways" than any other sign. Whether they are artists, farmers, bankers or jet pilots, there is very little use trying to convince a Taurean that they are wrong, or that their ideas are debatable.

Taurus people like doing things in a big way, and can be quite generous when it comes to those they love.