Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Taurus Traits

Taurus traits are represented by the stoic and reliable symbol of the bull, Taurus occupies the second position in the sequence of the zodiac. Ruled by idealistic Venus - the planet that governs the realms of interpersonal relationships, art, and beauty of all kinds, Taureans are among some of the most dutiful, hard-working, and sensual individuals walking the face of the planet.

Here are the most noteworthy and common traits tied to this strong, yet easygoing sign:

Loyal and Steadfast

Taurus is one of the three earth signs of the zodiac and as such, it is strongly associated with traits like solidity and reliability. Taureans are considered to be among the best friends and most consistent people ever born.

If they promise to do something for you or to be someplace at a specific time, you can take that promise to the bank. This deep-seated loyal streak extends to the way they handle their romantic attachments as well.

These are individuals who take commitment extremely seriously and will expect nothing less from their partner in return. Open relationships or partners with wandering eyes are not for them!

Stubborn and Wary of Change

Because of their solid, earthy nature, Taureans do also have a tendency to be stubborn, highly predictable, and not particularly open to change. If a given routine is working well for them, they see no reason why they should alter it even slightly.

For this reason, Taureans must beware of these taurus traits and winding up stuck in old, outmoded ways of life that have grown stagnant and obsolete over time.

Work-Oriented and Success-Driven

Because of the trademark Taurean "slow and steady" trait, those born under this sign are typically among the most successful people in the world. Not only do they approach hard work eagerly and willingly to begin with, but they have the determination, patience, and staying power to stick with even difficult tasks until they've gotten the job done.

Taurus natives also have a deep-seated fear of being or becoming poor, so this only makes them all the more likely to make professional success and the pursuit of security a top priority.

Sensual and Pleasure-Loving

When a sign is ruled by Venus -- planet of beauty and sensuality -- as Taurus is, we're bound to see the pursuit of pleasure being a major Taurus trait. Taureans love to indulge themselves in the pleasures of the senses, so a great love of good food, fine wine, and quality home furnishings is common.

For this reason, those born under this sign often have to keep a close eye on their weight, especially since they also possess a tendency toward a sedentary lifestyle. Taurus loves anything to do with any of the fine arts as well, especially music and the visual arts.

It's not unusual for these folks to take up a musical instrument, sculpting, or painting as hobbies.

Domestic and Home-Loving

No one loves spending time at home more than a Taurus and people born under this sign generally pour a lot of time and energy into making sure home base is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. They love beautiful surroundings, comfortable furnishings, and walls filled with good quality artwork.

Taurus are proud of their homes and delight in entertaining and cooking for loved ones or guests. When Taurus does decide to travel, it prefers to do so with all the comforts of home along for the ride. Most will choose luxury accommodations over "roughing it" any day of the week.