Taurus: April 20 - May 20

The Taurus Woman

So you're interested in a Taurus Woman? Well, first off, rest assured that it takes a lot to set her off. However, when she does get angry, she can somehow make people twice her size back up or even run for cover.

She'll be as cool and collected as any other Taurus as befits her Venusian nature, but when she is pushed, she will push back; probably harder.

This is a woman who has enough self-confidence and fortitude to let her mate be in charge of things, but if the situation begins to rub her the wrong way, she can take control as easily as she can bat her eyes. She has a mind of her own, and won't give it up, no matter what one uses to tempt her into a different way of thinking.

She'll stand by you

A Taurus woman has the remarkable ability to see people as they are and accept them as such. Once a relationship is established with her, you can rest assured that she really cares about you; flaws and all. She'll defend you no matter what, and is not likely to be on your side one minute and someone else's the next.

When she dislikes someone, she will usually avoid them rather than getting involved in a bothersome confrontation; if a female Taurus has not connected with you in a while, there's a good chance that you've done something to upset her, and that's not easy to do if you are truly friends.

She's not a jealous type, but she does have her limits, so if things are going along well between you, it's not a good idea to do something that upsets the apple cart.

A material girl

Being both sensual and passionate, a Taurus woman really does care about getting some kind of physical and emotional satisfaction from what she does. She's may prefer her own cooking until she finds someone who can prepare things exactly the way she likes them.

In shopping, she is prone to handle things and accept or reject them on the basis of the way they feel, whether fabric, building materials or even foods. Her sense of touch can be extraordinary; maybe that's why so many Taurus women prefer comfortable sportswear.

Because she is cautious and practical, "get rich quick" schemes don't appeal to her; she wants a partner who is as good at carefully managing finances and building for the future as she is. At the same time, she prefers to manage her own affairs, and doesn't do well with those who limit or restrict her in ways she has not agreed to.

Don't pressure her

Most Taurus women are towers of strength and almost none are lazy. She is the type of woman who likes being taken care of, but if single, she'd rather take care of herself than accept someone who tries to pressure her into abandoning her own goals and ideals for theirs.

The Taurus woman is a lover of nature; places like waterfalls, beaches and ski lifts all are exciting to her because the physical experience allows her to soak up life as it is. And when she's done, she gives that great bounty of nature right back to the one she loves in her own passionate, protective and sensuous way.