Zodiac Love Matches

Virgo Woman Aquarius Man

Our Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man compatibility rating is 7. The elements can provide support for one another, although the qualities may be a little lopsided in his favor. The planets are in a fun and mutually beneficial combination.

This can be a really enjoyable relationship after some adjustments are made on both sides.

The Elements

Earth vs Air - These elements are discordant, but if you take care of the practical details, he'll provide plenty of mental stimulation. Aquarius needs plenty of breathing room, but also needs Virgo's stability and patience.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Virgo is a Mutable Sign, Aquarius is Fixed. You may find it easier to adapt to his eccentricities than it is for him to adapt to your schedule.

The Planets

Mercury vs Saturn & Uranus Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo, and also its exalted planet. Saturn and Uranus are the rulers of Aquarius, but most Aquarians tend more towards the quirky and progressive Uranus mode. Mercury and Uranus work together to keep you from getting stuck in a rut, and to provide plenty of enjoyment for him.

Love and Romance

This can be an enjoyable relationship for both parties, but there are things to be overcome on both sides. Fortunately, the obstacles aren't difficult or tiresome, much to your liking. Aquarius Men are often thought to be a bit "detached" from everyday reality, but that kind of simplistic thinking annoys the Virgo Woman, because it simply isn't true. You'll probably realize that details may escape your Aquarius Man now and then, and that he constantly deals with Saturn and Uranus pulling him in two directions at one time; the Saturn side is practical and orderly, while the Uranus side is spontaneous and imaginative. Your Mercurial talent for analysis and practical thinking will recognize this right away, and you'll cheerfully attempt to hold down Saturn's responsibilities, so that he can enjoy the freedom to pursue his personal interests. You might be a little annoyed by the Aquarian's tendency to bring home stray animals or his unique and unusual friends, or his instinctive way of expressing his love in the same way he expresses his friendship with others, but he also has an incisive mind, and will correct his behavior rather than apologize. Even though your elements are mismatched, the physical and romantic chemistry is usually very good, and he's able to bring the kind of variety into your life that you truly need.

The Keys to Success

Give him his space.

You'll need to learn to give your Aquarian Man "space" to do his thing. When he doesn't have it, he can become very uncooperative, and maybe even mean. He hates being hemmed in even more than you do, yet, he's likely to be loyal, thanks to being a fixed sign under Saturn's influence.

Don't count on predictability.

He is likely to be somewhat unpredictable as far as his comings and goings are concerned. Criticism won't cause him to change this tendency; it will only cause him to become resentful. You are far more conscientious about keeping promises and schedules than he is, but he does not do this purposefully or maliciously. Interestingly, the more freedom he has, the more likely he is to act in accord with your wishes.

Take routine breaks together.

He is more likely than any other to realize that you need an occasional break from your routine, and do whatever he can to make that break as enjoyable and exciting as possible. If he doesn't seem to notice, just tell him. This sort of thing is right up his alley.

Final Score: Virgo Woman Aquarius Man compatibility = 70%.

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