Zodiac Love Matches

Virgo Woman Cancer Man

Our Virgo Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements are agreeable, and, due to the sympathetic ruling planets, the astral qualities work well together.

Careful understanding of each other's needs for security and personal freedom, as well as your common desire for a rich and full private life can easily take this relationship up a notch.

The Elements

Earth vs Water - Due to the compatible elements, your signs work well together. Your practical, earthy nature will help you manage his changing moods and emotions, and his sensitive, sentimental nature will bring out the best in you.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - Being born in a Mutable sign enables you to adapt to his Cardinal, leadership-oriented nature without too much fuss. Unless his natural possessiveness drives him too lay down rules that limit your freedom, this is a good combination.

The Planets

Mercury vs the Moon & Jupiter - Your planet, Mercury, is the planet of communication; his planet, the Moon, is the planet of receptivity. You're an excellent listener, and his hunches are right more often than they are wrong. His exalted Jupiter brings an element of self-improvement into your relationship; the two of you can definitely grow together.

Love and Romance

As a Virgo Woman, you have a way of helping your Cancer Man feel secure and safe. It's likely that he'll trust you with his secrets right away, because of your ability to quietly listen to him in a non-judgmental way. He may also think that you're predictable, but to him, this means honest, not boring. You'll probably wish that he was more predictable in the beginning, but as you get to know him, you'll notice the pattern of his moods and how they seem to run in synch with the Moon's phases, and your sharp mind will enable you to calculate the best and most appreciated adaptations you can make, in order to be supportive. He doesn't think of this as being helpful; he sees it as you're being perfect. Both of you are good at keeping secrets, so sharing them is comfortable for the both of you; it creates an almost magical barrier of privacy and intimacy that suits you both just fine.

The Keys to Success

He learns trust in time.

There are times when he can become quite possessive, and may take issue with your need to take occasional time to yourself, or seek a career or to further your education. He can be somewhat insecure about your being on your own, but you aren't the kind of woman who makes a big deal of your independence, or acts in a showy attention-attracting fashion; eventually the trust will grow between you.

Let him draw out your passions.

His sentimental, romantic and sensitive nature has the ability to help you discover or draw out the intense passion that dwells within you. You're not likely to take romance lightly, because you can certainly do just fine on your own, but to do without if you have a shrewd and intelligent man to share your time with would not be "sensible."

Work together in financial matters.

He is sensitive about being hurt, and you dislike arguments and other extreme displays of emotion; these two factors together show that fights will very rarely erupt in your relationship. He's also sensitive about money matters, but he's a good businessman, and you're a good money manager. You have a common fear of poverty and love of comfort, you're well matched to put financial worries "beneath the radar" and become more successful as a couple than you would be individually.

Final Score: Virgo Woman Cancer Man compatibility = 80%.

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