Zodiac Love Matches

Virgo Woman Capricorn Man

Our Virgo Woman Capricorn Man compatibility rating is 10. Virgo and Capricorn share the same element, and the qualities supplement one another. Mercury and Saturn work well together, and Capricorn's exalted Mars supplies the drive and passion that makes this a powerful and lasting relationship.

We don't hand out perfect "10" relationship compatibility ratings very often. This match is one of the exceptions.

The Elements

Both are Earth - Signs that are part of the Earth Triplicity almost always are in synch with one another because of having similar goals and needs. This is a particularly good example of the relationship between Earth Signs.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Cardinal - The Cardinal leads, and since the other basic definitions of the signs are favorable to one another, the Mutable (Virgo) is happy to adapt to Capricorn's way of doing things.

The Planets

Mercury vs Saturn & Mars - Mercury (regent of Virgo) is the planet of communication and has no problem with the energy of Saturn (planet of Capricorn), because of it supplies the practical and patient qualities similar to those of the Earth Signs. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and supplies an extra measure of ambition that is sometimes lacking in Virgo.

Love and Romance

This is one of the best matches in the Zodiac, not just because of the similarity of the attributes of the signs, but because both the Virgo Woman and the Capricorn Man usually have similar experiences in social and professional life that enables a solid bond to be formed between them. Both of you do your best to avoid trouble, and like to do things by the rules, in order to avert questions. Both of you also share the same attitude toward money; you believe that it represents security and gives you the power to do what you want, when you want to. Because of this you both save it and use it wisely. Both of you are responsible people, and you'll find that he will treat you in a kind and considerate fashion, because he is as aware of his shortcomings as you are, but understands that you are more self-critical than he is. You both dislike publicly displaying your feelings, but between you, there the chemistry, or rather, in this case, Alchemy, is powerful, steady and sure.

The Keys to Success

Make each others family a priority.

Capricorn Men usually have a loyalty to family. If you become overly critical of his family, he's likely to become upset, even if he's not particularly close to them. Make sure you treat them with the same respect you treat him, and you are assured of his loyalty and support in everything you do.

Your personalities are well matched.

He will not abide being taken advantage of in any way. Both of you are generally unselfish when it comes to your efforts, but defensive as well, and the typical Capricorn is much more conscious of his status and position than you are likely to be. You can be sure that whatever he does, and whatever he has, he has earned, and will fiercely defend his rights to do as he sees fit. He moves forward with certainty and caution, and these qualities are clearly evident in his love for you as well.

Your commitment will be strong, not fast.

Both Virgo and Capricorn are affectionate people, but you are not easily moved to give your affections to another. Patience is a common virtue between you, and you'll need to be willing to wait until you've checked each other out thoroughly before you "take the next step." Don't push him, because you can be sure that when you do make a commitment to one another, it's not likely to be a temporary one.

Final Score: Virgo Woman Capricorn Man compatibility = 100%.

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