Zodiac Love Matches

Virgo Woman Pisces Man

Our Virgo Woman and Pisces Man compatibility rating is 8. The elements are compatible and you both are Mutable Signs. The planets both complement each other and cause trouble for each other.

You will begin to notice that you can help each other resolve inner, personal conflicts, and also that the magnetism is strong between you.

The Elements

Earth vs Water - Earth and Water complement one another; you can help him understand his gifts and himself. Your practicality will rub off on him, and his imagination will add some spice to your life.

The Qualities

Both are Mutable - This particular combination of mutable signs is favorable for travel. Even when he is far away, the connection between you will remain strong.

The Planets

Mercury vs Jupiter, Neptune, Venus - Mercury and Jupiter are friendly, but Mercury and Neptune are almost the polar opposites of one another. The influence of Venus is romantic, but people of his sign are prone to excess due to their planetary combinations.

Love and Romance

You'll probably notice the "specialness" of your relationship with a Pisces Man from the first few words. He virtually screams imagination, intuition and magic. There's something about Pisces that just seems magical; probably the vibration of Neptune, who processes information in a completely different way than your planet, Mercury. Nevertheless, you'll find that you can talk about anything, and that he, to whom so many people tell their problems, is absolutely thrilled at the idea of having someone who really listens to him. When he realizes that the advice and the cautious, caring analysis helps him make sense of the confusing areas of life, he feels like he's in a safe harbor. He may be born under the most vulnerable sign of the Zodiac, but this is because his intuitive gifts are so strong, there's little room for practical thinking; often his only defense is escapism. You may have more difficulty taking care of the practical side of the relationship than you would with other men, but the insights, dreams, flights of fancy and passion he brings into your life is certainly a fair exchange.

The Keys to Success

Learn from each about security.

Pisces men are rarely cautious about financial matters. They are not afraid of overextending credit if they believe they can escape the consequences. He values his freedom and his individuality, and the money he makes from following his dreams is of a lower priority than the act of doing so. He finds security in less tangible things, and with your practicality, it may seem difficult to understand, but a little of your caution and efficiency will rub off on him, and a little bit of his faith and insight will rub off on you, then magic can happen.

Communicate your criticisms carefully.

Pisces don't like criticism. The men born under this sign don't show it much, especially if it's delivered in your calm, caring way. With your mutual communicative gifts and your Virgoan honest desire to be of help, it's possible that you can help him in ways that no one else can. His creative and original magical thinking is something you need more of in your life; accept it gratefully.

Know that if he loves you, he will listen to you.

The passion and tenderness you experience with him is hard to match, but his lack of reliability and distaste for "mundane" responsibilities is likely to annoy you to no end. The good news is that if he loves you, he'll listen to you; following through with becoming more responsible may be difficult at first, but he'll get around to it.

Final Score: Virgo Woman Pisces Man compatibility = 80%.

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