Zodiac Love Matches

Virgo Woman Taurus Man

Our Virgo Woman and Taurus Man compatibility rating is 9. The elements, qualities and planets you share are in fine accord with one another.

If you can live with his occasional lack of neatness, and he learns to reason things out rather than reacting emotionally, this relationship can be even better.

The Elements

Both are Earth - Since you belong to the same elemental Triplicity, you have basically the same goals. Even if you go about them in different ways, you both seek certainty, and you will surely find it in each other.

The Qualities

Mutable vs Fixed - Because of the many other factors in your compatibility, the mixture of Mutable and Fixed qualities between you works out very well. He may occasionally consider you too changeable in your opinions, but when you demonstrate that your opinions are based on reason, rather than tradition, he may even reconsider his own, and that's not easy for a Taurus to do.

The Planets

Mercury vs Venus & the Moon - The double nature of Mercury (Mercury is the ruling planet of your sign and exalted in Virgo) is a very good match to the magnetic and attractive nature of Venus and the Moon, the planets that have influence in Taurus. Your sharp mind and verbal skills are a big help to the security-conscious and sensual Taurus, and he knows it.

Love and Romance

When it comes to romance, a Taurus Man is probably the closest to a "sure thing" that a Virgo Woman will ever find. His opinions are likely to be more fixed than yours, but he doesn't have the kind of pride that overcomes reason, and in time, his comfort and ease with you will become far more important to him than ideas about things well outside his control. In the beginning you may have to help him with little habits of his; Taurus Men aren't always the neatest, because they're too busy doing what it takes to ensure material security and build for the future. You share a love of what's natural, but his love of the natural world is based on his sensory experience of it, while yours is based on the fact that it is honest and true.

The Keys to Success

Look past each others false stereotypes.

He will probably see right through the bad press that Virgo Women get - he'll know right away that you're not prudish, but essentially as sensual as he is. You'll have to see through the bad press that Taurus Men get and understand that he is neither lazy nor stubborn; although it may take a lot to change his mind, he, like you, is practical and tries to avoid the unnecessary; he just tends to avoid unnecessary thinking about things that usually don't concern him.

Know each other.

It may take a little while for him to understand your need for fairness in judgment; you prefer analyzing things and forming your own opinion. He is prone to accept "the way things are", and through your guidance, will discover that his reliance on others' opinions may be holding him back in business and in romance.

Comfort and happiness yields passion and trust.

You are both dutiful and reliable Earth Signs, and your effort to go the extra mile to see to his comfort and happiness will be repaid by his deeply passionate and faithful trust, and love. He may have a hard time expressing this appreciation verbally, but you are so much in synch with one another astrologically, that you will know, whether he says it out loud or not.

Final Score: Virgo Woman Taurus Man compatibility = 90%.

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