Zodiac Love Matches

Virgo Woman Virgo Man

Our Virgo Woman and Virgo Man compatibility rating is 9. The elements and the qualities are the same, and Mercury is both ruler of and exalted in Virgo.

Except for the occasional indifference to one another's emotional needs due to being preoccupied, this is a perfect match.

The Elements

Both are Earth - The practical Earth Signs are generally well matched with one another; they tend to have the same goals and the same methods of reaching them.

The Qualities

Both are Mutable - Because both of you are Mutable Signs, you both have enough flexibility to adapt to the others emotional needs, and because you express the same planetary urges, you seldom argue when there is a chance to approach a problem together.

The Planets

Both are Mercury - Mercury is the planet of thought and communication, and both of you enjoy deep and profound conversations, due to being Earth Signs. You find it easier to talk through things than to express your feelings about them.

Love and Romance

Virgos have a tendency to worry a lot, and this worry can cause them to pay more attention to solving problems than any other sign. Even most Virgo's work involves solving problems, whether that work is scientific and technical, industrial, financial or artistic. Both of you will enjoy reading, travel and conversation, but more for the sharing of knowledge than for the thrill of becoming emotionally excited. You can be grumpy at times, especially when your private moments are invaded for irrational or emotional reasons, but it's easy for each of you to recognize and respect this quality in the other. There is too much bad press about the Virgo Man and Virgo Woman, primarily because of the prejudices of writers. You can easily develop a deep, passionate and lasting relationship with one another that is invulnerable to the criticisms of others, or their wish to fit you into their molds, which neither of you will abide.

The Keys to Success

Allow for both alone time and time together.

Your man is likely to need periods of solitude and isolation in order to collect his thoughts; you do too. You may overlook or misread his need for attention at times when you're preoccupied with your duties and your interests; he will too. If these things are discussed early in the relationship, it's likely that you'll develop mutual ways to use your affection for one another as an antidote to the worries you are both prone to.

Constructive criticism from each other is fine.

The Virgo talent for criticism is highly overrated; it's actually a matter of analyzing facts in order to correct problems, and both of you know this. This is a trait that you both have in common, and it's highly unlikely that either of you will take constructive criticism from the other wrongly. Your man is strongly focused on self-improvement, and will generally welcome your advice to help him along this path, unless there are many discordant factors in your birth-charts and he feels as if he's being attacked.

Schedule activities you enjoy.

It's a good idea to create a schedule based on things you enjoy together, rather than the things you have to do as individuals. This is an extremely favorable practice for Virgo couples. Whether they're sports events, museum visits, or movie nights, these activities will give you the chance to be analysts or critics without offending anyone. It may seem unnecessary or silly, but it would give you the opportunity to enjoy each others' intelligence, conversation and gentle approach to life as an enjoyable, magical and transformative experience.

Final Score: Virgo Woman Virgo Man compatibility = 90%.

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