Virgo: August 23 - September 22

About Virgo

Want to know about Virgo? Virgo is a hard working, modest personality that is symbolized by the Virgin (also known as the Maiden) holding a wheat tare in her hand.

This is a personality that can easily become so focused on the details that they feel they don't have time to enjoy the little things in life. They're so busy taking care of the roses that they forget to smell them. They enjoy making lists and planning out their day. Even if they do the same thing every day, the still enjoy writing it down.

Virgo's don't like surprises. They're not spontaneous by nature. If given a choice, they'd prefer to know ahead of time what surprises are headed their way; that way they can fit it into their schedule.

Virgo's are extreme worriers. Second only to the Crab, this sign has a tendency to worry about almost anything. Because of this, they suffer from anxiety related illnesses. Their stomachs and intestines are particularly sensitive to their anxiety.

Practical and industrious, Virgo's are workaholics who enjoy long hours and meticulous tasks that require good organizational skills. Even their hobbies tend to be more work related than restful.

Virgo's do well in careers that combine their need to serve others with their ability to pay attention to even the smallest detail. Careers such as a dental hygienist, housekeeper, librarian and writer are all appealing to the Virgo personality.

Virgo's are great communicators. They are very eloquent speakers and have a tendency to be great writers. Often they're more comfortable with writing down how they're feeling than expressing themselves verbally.

Strong emotion can be uncomfortable for a Virgo to show physically. Although capable of feeling deep emotion, you have to know one really well before they let you see it. This is why sometimes they're viewed as being "cold" or even callous when it comes to matters of the heart.

Virgo's have a tendency to be slow to fall in love, if they fall in love at all. They have in their minds already about what an "ideal" mate would be and it's hard for them to settle for a more realistic approach.

They don't mind ending up alone if it means holding out for the ideal. They refuse to settle for less than what they want in a partner. However, if they do fall in love it's usually for life and they make very loyal and loving companions.

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