Virgo: August 23 - September 22

How to Attract a Virgo Woman

Want to know how to attract a Virgo woman? This woman values cleanliness and attention to detail and so must you if you want to attract a Virgo woman. If you always wear sweats, paint-stained jeans and torn old t-shirts, forget about dating a Virgo woman.

A Virgo woman does not see the point in getting to know someone who doesn't bother with something she sees as so fundamental.

Learn and live up to her standards

Modern Virgos usually demonstrate their Virgin purity by consistently following their ideals. Think, for example, fashion designer Stella McCartney who avoids using not only fur and leather but wool and silk because of her strong belief in animal rights.

This emphasis on principles extends to their choice of a mate-you will have to live up to her high standards if you want Virgo to take you seriously.

While a Virgo woman might relax her standards for a vacation fling, any serious romantic partner will have to demonstrate that respect her viewpoints and should share most, if not all of them.

Keep it clean

After a few dates which include invigorating discussion of books, films, ideas and beliefs, you might be ready to bring Virgo back to your place.

Her first visit there could end up also being her last unless you take the time to give your abode more than a lick and promise as far as cleaning.

If you are making dinner for her, make sure the meal takes any of her dietary restrictions into account and that all the dishes and flatware are scrupulously clean.

Know her weak spots

A Virgo woman often carries a great deal of tension. Once the two of you have flirted a bit and her natural reserve has started to melt, you might want to offer her a shoulder massage or a foot rub to help her relax.

Virgos often have a strong interest in holistic healing, so if you have studied a form of therapy such as craniosacral massage or foot reflexology, you can talk with her about key points on the body as you stimulate them. This way will intrigue her both mentally and physically.

Let her set the pace

Do not offer insincere compliments when you are trying to attract a Virgo woman because she is practical and shrewd enough to recognize a line when she hears one.

However, be sure to let her know you admire her. While Virgos believe in modesty and humility, they are also often a bit insecure. But if you want to attract a Virgo woman, make sure your compliments are clean ...not crude.

As your relationship progresses, don't rush her. Virgo likes to mentally assimilate new concepts before venturing into unknown territory.