Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Virgo Characteristics

Want to know what the characteristics of Virgo are? Virgo's tend to be discriminating, health conscious, service and detail oriented. Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the virgin. Virgo is also an earth sign which relates strongly to the body.

Virgo has characteristically been stereotyped by some as a nit-picky prude. However, that is not exactly accurate, nor does it come close to telling the full story.

Afterall, few would accuse Virgo Charlie Sheen or Virgo novelist D.H. Lawrence (author of Lady Chatterley's Lover) of being prudes! Although, in the spirit of full disclosure, we should note that Mother Teresa is also a Virgo.

So what exactly are the Virgo characteristics that we should look at to help clarify what this sign is about?


Virgo is one of two signs connected to the planet Mercury which rules communication. While the other Mercury-ruled sign, Gemini, tends to use this connection to explore and discuss diverse areas of knowledge, Virgo's gift is to discriminate.

Virgos observe the fine details of things which make them dissimilar from other things. They use these differences to categorize and organize, to create order. When Virgo's sense of how to categorize ideas or things meets with resistance, Virgo can sometimes become viciously critical.

Confucius' complex set of precepts for achieving moral virtue are one example of this sign's desire for order. The contentious conservative politics of Bill O'Reilly represent another application of these same qualities.

Health Conscious

Virgos tend to have a keen interest in health. This can manifest in a variety of ways-from choosing a career as a nurse or therapist to becoming the kind of person who preaches about dietary choices.

Some Virgos may also become known through how they deal with health challenges-as in the case of Lance Armstrong.

Service Oriented

This zodiac sign also has a strong association with the concept of service. Depending on the individual this can take many forms.

Virgo Jane Addams won the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize for her early efforts pioneering the field of social work. In 1979, another Virgo also won that prize for her selfless service to others: Mother Teresa. Maria Montessori developed a new system for educating children.

For some, the Virgo predilection for service can result in overwork and burnout in their first field, so that they seek less stressful careers in their 30s or 40s. In its highest form, the Virgo connection to service becomes a form of spiritual quest as the Virgin seeks a higher truth to follow and serve a guiding star.

However, some less evolved Virgos may express this aspect of the sign through either hero-worshipping or forming groupie-like attachments to the more worldly type of star.

Detail Oriented

Virgo writers and artists utilize the sign's propensity for detail and nuance to give imagination greater power because of its grounding in specifics.

Underground comic book artist of the 1960s R. Crumb's used both words and drawings to delineate a particular niche of countercultural male lust.

Songwriter Leonard Cohen has explored themes of romance, betrayal and isolation with lyrics which create a keenly observed picture of these emotional states.

Stephen King's tales have gained fame in part because of the exactitude with which the author describes the everyday world into which his supernatural horrors intrude. Agatha Christie wrote murder mysteries whose plots often involved details like train schedules and seemingly minor specifics about characters' backgrounds.