Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Virgo in Love

What is Virgo in love like? The association of Virgo with the image of the virgin confuses many people who think it implies chastity or prudery. As earth signs, most Virgos have a strong interest in physical experience.

The old meaning of the word virgin, someone self-possessed, not owned by anyone else, reveals the journey those born under this sign undertake through their relationships.


Virgo, unlike the preceding sign of the zodiac, Leo, tends not to seek the spotlight.

That fact, combined with the Virgin's interest in service, sometimes betrays people born under this sign into relationships with people who dazzle them but who fail to perceive Virgo's true character and worth.

This can happen for them in friendships as well as romance, as they strive to earn the notice of a shining star of their social circle, rather than find someone who will perceive Virgo as an equal.


Unfortunately, even a Virgo in love (especially while less mature) finds it easy to criticize equals.

Without the blinding radiance of a star, their partner becomes subject to the darker side of Virgo's analytic abilities as the Virgin picks apart their flaws.

Virgo tend to exhibit the sign's fastidiousness in selecting partners, eschewing anyone who looks like a mess in favor of those with impeccable grooming.

Many Virgos spend years alternating between partners whom they criticize and discard, and those whom they perceive as higher beings but who disappoint them by breaking dates and engaging in deception.

This pattern means that many of them do not find a true soul mate until later in life.


Mercury-ruled Virgo rarely chooses relationships which lack a component of verbal communication.

Where Gemini, the other sign of the zodiac related to Mercury, wants light discussions and laughter from their dates, earthy Virgo seeks to establish some solid shared mental ground. Even for a fling, Virgins tend to select partners whose viewpoints overlap somewhat with their own.

A Virgo in love has most likely developed a solid relationship with a partner who shares their fondness of looking at the world through an analytical lens.


The Virgo tendency to analyze and categorize often results in a person with a keen awareness of the many facets of his/her personality. They may participate in multiple niche worlds or subcultures related to these different aspects of themselves.

Most Virgos require some period of growing and developing before they are able to define which parts of themselves carry the most psychological weight. Once they attain this knowledge, they will choose a partner who shares those interests.

A Virgo in love gives complete loyalty to the object of their affections. However, a Virgin betrayed by a partner becomes cold and distant.