Virgo: August 23 - September 22

The Virgo Man

The Virgo man is not a romantic in the sense of romance seen on screen or read in novels; yet he is one who has understood love thoroughly and completely all his life. He looks at love differently than most, in that he expresses it through his deeds; he is entirely and unselfishly devoted to his friends, his family and all whom he loves.

He's willing to give his all to those who are incapable of taking care of themselves or those friends who are a little disorganized.

His devotion to duty and discipline is something this practical man feels that he can share with others without resorting to the kind of emotional drama that clouds the mind and makes clear decisions impossible.

Quality is the key

When it comes to relationships, Virgo men always seek the partner who they think will help them become better people.

The signs of Mercury stand opposite the signs of Jupiter and represent their compliments: Virgo would like to be a little more "free with themselves" so they seek someone who helps them feel that freedom in some way.

This doesn't mean that a Virgo is always looking for a Pisces, but the quality of casually going with the flow and taking a free and easy approach to life is something they are looking for, and something that romance can excite in them.

It takes a lot of mutual passion to get a Virgo to forget his critical sense, and he is also very selective, so once he's yours, there's no need to worry about him straying: the typical Virgo man would rather be alone than to be trapped in a cycle of ill-fated, short-term romances.

Don't try to pull the wool over his eyes

You may get away with lying to a Virgo man, but he will quick to discover the deception and that will be the end of it.

Deception and game playing do not form part of the profile of who he wants as a mate; he is looking for someone honest, and will not accept anything less, although his sharp mind tells him that it may not be possible.

He's the type of person who does not get emotionally excited easily, and may put on an act (many Virgos are excellent actors) in order to keep others from understanding his true feelings.

But once the Virgo man has decided that his feelings are for real, he will let them be known. There is no need to trick or trap a Virgo, all you have to do to insure their affection is to be honest and patient.

Thoughtful and dependable

If you have caught your Virgo man, you'll be amazed by his dependability and thoughtfulness.

It's not just expressed by the way that he remembers every little like and dislike you've told him about, but he will work double overtime to get that bonus just to buy a special item for your birthday, or to secret money away for a surprise vacation.

He'll never do anything to cause you to feel jealous, not just because he is so duty bound and disciplined, but he is secretly very possessive.

A Virgo man is loyal in the extreme and considers any lack of loyalty a breach of trust and common decency that is unforgivable, and he would never expect anyone to live up to this code if he couldn't do so himself.