Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Virgo Personality

The Virgo personality is discriminating and reserved. These are sensible, reliable, and cautious, individuals who refuse to settle for less than exactly what they know to be right for them. They are also honest to a fault.

Ruled by intellectual Mercury, Virgos never make decisions on impulse, choosing to let careful thought and consideration guide them through life instead.

The Virgo personality likes to look before it leaps. Under this sign's influence, we see honest, forthright individuals who believe in hard work, high standards, and taking commitments seriously.

Virgo natives can be high-strung and critical, but it is important to note that these traits are simply evidence of how seriously they take life and how important it is to them to do everything exactly right.

The Sixth House of Industry and Work

Virgo rules the sixth heavenly house, that which reigns over the realms of industry and bread-winning. While this house is certainly related to the idea of a career or the sort of work that can be said to constitute an individual's life purpose, it is important to note that it is more closely associated with the idea of keeping food on the table and earning a living wage in general.

We see the influence of this house present itself in Virgo's trademark hard-working attitude and studious approach to anything to do with duty.

The sixth house is also strongly associated with health and wellness. This includes areas such as daily hygiene habits, exercise, diet, and so forth. Virgo natives are often particularly health-conscious as a result. They tend to keep impeccably clean homes and be very religious when it comes to their own personal hygiene habits.

Earth: Grounded, Reliable, and Forthright

Virgo is one of the three zodiac signs ruled by the solid, stable element of earth. Earth signs like Virgo are highly practical as a result and the cultivation of traits like responsibility, diligence, and integrity come naturally to them.

A Virgo personality believes in working hard for what they want in life and in being a positive influence on people and situations around them to the greatest extent possible. We can also see the influence of the element earth in the way Virgo feels such a strong need to be the absolute best it can be.

"Good enough" quite simply doesn't cut it. Here we have critical, discriminating perfectionists who won't quit until they achieve precisely the flawless results they're after.

The essence of the Virgo personality is based on commitment, the value of one's word, and the importance of building a solid, stable foundation for their lives.

Mercury: Planet of Communication and Diplomacy

In Roman mythology, Mercury was the swift and speedy messenger of the gods. As a planet, it makes its transit around the Sun more quickly than any other planet. Mercury governs all things related to communication, as well as commerce and travel.

Mercury's rulership over Virgo can be seen in the sign's natural affinity for efficiency, tact, diplomacy, and negotiation. It is also evidenced in the premium the Virgo personality places on accuracy, fastidiousness, and attention to detail.