Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Virgo Sign Meaning

What is the meaning of the Virgo sign? Virgo (the Virgin) is the 6th sign of the Zodiac, and the 2nd Earth Sign. It is from the solid and reliable nature of the Earth "element" that Virgo people get two of their most outstanding traits; their practical natures and their desire to be useful.

If you know a Virgo that's a bundle of nerves or depressed in some way, it's because they have no one to help, or no obligations to fulfill.

Virgo is also the second Mutable or Common sign, because it falls in the transitional month between summer and autumn.

Although commonly called "the Virgin" it has a double nature; Virgo was anciently the sign of the goddess of harvest, depicted with a sheaf of wheat, which represents the bounty of the earth.

Virgos are known for their ability to work hard, their ability to act with efficiency and precision, and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances by using the practical knowledge they have harvested and are willing to put to use.

The house and throne of Mercury

Mercury is the "ruler" of Virgo and finds itself exalted there. This means that Virgo people tend to exhibit both the best and the worst of Mercury's characteristics. Their clockwork minds work with incredible efficiency, ranking them among the best analysts and communicators of the Zodiac. At the same time, Virgos can be so mentally busy that they create their own problems, but find solutions for them as well.

Virgos tend to work well on their own, allowing themselves to be absorbed in their own worlds, even when that world is the office in which they are busy handling their duties. Virgos can be quite critical, and even self critical, which is why we find many actors born under this sign; their precision and attention to detail enables them to bring out the subtleties of the character they are playing.

Like the messenger of the gods, Mercury, when the Virgo has something to say, it would be wise to listen. If they don't have the answer to a question, they know where to find it, and will waste no time in getting it for you. Also like Mercury, the busiest of planets (with its' retrogrades and disappearances), you'll never find a lazy Virgo, or one who tolerates laziness in others.

Virgo's basic personality

A lot of astrology books may get you thinking that the Virgo is always a spinster or a spineless intellectual; nothing could be further from the truth. Sean Connery, Sophia Loren, Keanu Reeves and Beyonce Knowles are all Virgos, completely belying this formulaic thinking.

When you find yourself in trouble, the Virgo is likely to be the first to step up to the plate with a reliable and practical solution. If there is a big party, you're likely to find the Virgos helping to clean up at the end. You may, on rare occasion, see a Virgo with their hair in a mess, but more often than not, they'll be very put together.

The typical Virgo has an instinct for making sense out of confusion, and bringing order to a chaotic situation. They have a tendency to straighten up pictures that aren't squared to the walls, or to have a lint brush or comb handy, just in case.

Their Mercurial charm often causes them appear younger than they actually are, and they are rarely incapable of handling whatever tasks life hands them.

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