Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Virgo Symbol and Design

We invite you, and grant our full permission for you to use the Virgo artwork below on your pinterest page(s).

You may use this Virgo design on your pinterest page.

According to Greek and Roman mythology, the Virgo "Maiden" is the goddess Astraea. Astraea was also known as goddess of Justice. She was sent to earth by her father Zeus to teach mankind how to abide by the laws of nature.

During her time on earth, humanity thrived and prospered. This time period is even referred to as "the Golden Age" of man.

Eventually however, mankind lost their way and became increasingly greedy and corrupt. It is said that Astraea returned to the heavens in disgust. The "Golden Age" ended and the "Iron Age" began.

You may use this Virgo symbol on your pinterest page.