Virgo: August 23 - September 22

The Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is unlike the pure, virginal image used for the sign in many ways; she may be shy, but she is filled with desire to pursue her own happiness despite what obstacles may stand in her way ...and if those obstacles caused a broken nail or a scraped knee, you won't hear her whining.

Although she IS similar to the symbol of her sign in other ways. For instance: She will almost never take kindly to vulgar language or bad manners.

Also, if you have to make an excuse to her, be brief and accurate; she can spot a lie from a mile away.

Don't be careless

There are a lot of things that will get the critical sense going in a Virgo woman.

As mentioned above, they usually cannot stand people who have forgotten that they have a wonderful language to speak and a brain to help them use it creatively; there is no word to describe how angry a female Virgo can be when someone is ill-mannered or uses four letter words when talking to her.

The same goes for carelessness in one's dress; even if your wardrobe is not expensive, you can still impress a Virgo woman if it's neat and well-put together.

The same is true of your personal appearance; she is usually unhappy when she has to deal with sloppiness in any form.

Let her be the banker

Unless you are the type of person who is terribly embarrassed and hurt by the need for others to help you with financial matters, let the Virgo be the banker.

It's not that she can pinch a penny until it screams; Virgo women aren't usually skinflints, but they sure know how to handle a balance sheet or a budget.

Give her half a chance and it will seem like she's pulling money from thin air, and if necessary, she'll get on the phone with the bank and scold the manager until the unnecessary fees are returned to your account.

This efficiency also is seen in her personal habits and behavior, and she will demand that you make them a part of yours as well.

Take your time and move slow

Don't be in too much of a hurry if you're courting a Virgo woman, and don't make massive public displays of affection either.

Such things as wasting money or unnecessary entertainment (like gambling to show how much of a big spender you are) do not excite her; it's more of a turn-off that ruffling her business suit with a big hug in the middle of a busy pedestrian walkway.

Don't try to make it to first base on the first date; if you make it up to bat at all, just wait for her to throw you the best pitch, or you'll foul out. Don't take her to a stock car race, try the theater instead; she's such an excellent critic, and if she has the movies or a play to criticize, at least she won't be criticizing you.

If you do decide to go to the movies, make sure you pick a story with plenty of depth and character development; she's not likely to be fond of zombie secret agents or macho car chases.

Try to take your time with the Virgo woman, be neat and learn her likes and dislikes. If care about her enough to move in slowly she'll open her warm heart to you, probably forever.